An idea came from our Editor to create a cover with the help of comic book artist Charlie Adlard who is mostly known for his work on The Walking Dead. After a brainstorm there was only one band that instantly stood out to Metal Hammer that would lend itself to an illustrated cover. 

We arranged for Corey Taylor to meet with Charlie which Slipknot were in the UK for their tour in 2015 to discuss ideas. I then worked with Charlie and the rest of the editorial team to create a special Slipknot edited issue with triple gatefold cover. 

The original artworks of each member were auctioned for charity at a later date.
One of the initial idea's was a semi unmasked Corey Taylor.
The alternative cover was used in the feature. Charlie Adlard's first attempt at completely digital painting.
The idea then started to evolve in the final cover idea.
The whole cover foled out to reveal the other band members.
The final cover, and how it looked with it's packaging.
The iPad edition cover created by Pixelwrench.

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