In December 2015, Metal Hammer were tasked with creating a 3D lenticular for Babymetal. We sent John McMurtrie to Japan to shoot the band while they played one of their largest shows ever, as well as shooting photographs specificaly for the cover. This is the first time Metal Hammer specifically shot a cover for the 3D lenticular in mind as well as the first time we've used real people in the image rather than artwork/illustrations like the Iron Maiden Book Of Souls cover. 

Between myself and John we came up with a rough layout which I then had to work closely with Magictorch to create all the peices I needed to make the image work as a 2D image first before thinking of how it would work in 3D. The glass elements are all CGI to make it easy to manipulate lighting and positioning. 

It was then passed to Hive who created the 3D effects. Below you can see the evolution of the layouts of the cover in which we tested out varying amounts of 3D effects as well as evolving how the image itself would be.

Please note all these images are owned by Metal Hammer and/or John McMurtrie and should not be used without permission of all parties.

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